Pro Tools 10.2

Avid ha presentato Pro Tools 10.2. Update gratuito per tutti i clienti già in possesso di Pro Tools 10 e Pro Tools|HD.
Oltre 400 problemi risolti e 800 correzioni per migliorarne la stabilità.

Grazie alla nuova release inoltre, tutti i plug-ins Avid AAX disponibili su Mac dalla versione 10.1.2 del software sono ora disponibili anche per gli utenti Windows. Sono state implementate inoltre le versioni AAX DSP e AAX Native dei seguenti Plug-ins:
Sans Amp
Joemeek Bundle

Per quanto riguarda le novità introdotte, troviamo delle correzioni sulla gestione dell'Hardware HDX (adesso anche su Windows 7 è possibile installare fino a 3 schede HDX), "Deterministic mixer Loading", gestione della ventola HDX migliorata, ottimizzazione della disinstallazione dei plug-in.

E' stato inoltre ottimizzato il codice, in modo tale da migliora Automazioni, Editing, Playback e Record, Delay Compensation, Plug-ins, gestione di Icon e soprattutto è stata migliorata la stabilità e sono state ottimizzate le performance del sistema stesso

Per quanto riguarda i Plug-ins sono state perfezionati Reverb One, che consuma ora meno DSP e Revibe, con il supporto fino a 192 KHz, ed inoltre sono state rilasciate nuove versioni AAX di D-Verb, Sans Amp, Moggerfooger e tutti i plus-ins Joe Meek.

Per quanto riguarda infine la compatibilità dei sistemi, questa versione 10.2 è ufficialmente qualificato per

Sistemi Pro Tools su Mac OS X 10.6.7 - 10.7.3 o Windows 7 SP 1
Sistemi Pro Tools|HDX su Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.7.3 o Windows 7 SP 1
Sistemi Pro Tools|HD Native su Mac OS X 10.6.7 - 10.7.3 o Windows 7 SP 1
Sistemi Pro Tools|HD su Mac OS X 10.6.7 - 10.7.3 o Windows 7 SP 1

La compatibilità con Mac OSX 10.7.4 è tuttora in fase di test.

Segue un elenco delle correzioni più importanti:

PTSW-139696     Memory allocation failure on Mac with two HDX cards
PTSW-143937     TDM plug-ins are not available to users if the AAX version is installed.
PTSW-146823     AAX: Automation stops working on D-verb
PTSW-156191     Windows HDX firmware update doesn't work
PTSW-155853     Assertion error when creating sessions at a sample rate of 176.6/192kHz (Windows only)
PTSW-157171     Dragging a clip past other clips will cause those clips to disappear.
PTSW-156889     HDX session save copy in Pro Tools 7-9 format doesn't tell you that the ADC will be changed
PTSW-157654     Can't insert DSP version of Revibe 2 Plug-in (Mac Only)
PTSW-157464     Long session open time (Windows only).
PTSW-158023     Volume automation does not play back after adding automation breakpoint during playback.
PTSW-156887     Instantiating Impact 7.1 DSP AAX last in a maxed out session inactivates other plug in after saving and re-opening the session.
PTSW-158791     Pro Tools session can display a high CPU usage when sitting idle.
PTSW-158976     ProTools crashes after bounce to disk.
PTSW-156894     HEAT DSP allocation problem with a 192KHz sample rate session.
PTSW-151769     Avid ASIO 64-bit doesn't work with HDX
PTSW-158652     Unable to convert Reverb One TDM.dpm to Reverb One Native.aax using plug-ins header toggle button (TDM only).
PTSW-159958     Crash on opening some sessions (Windows only).
PTSW-161029     EQ3: Recording of automation to Gain controls is not functioning properly in Touch mode.
PTSW-159674     Every time a particular session is opened, audio is lost until the bus is re-initialized in IO Setups.
PTSW-161997     Crash when deinstantiating Mod Delay III (or closing GUI)
PTSW-161665     ASIO 64bit with HDX - impossible to launch "Advanced..." settings from Avid ASIO Control Panel.
PTSW-159565     IO setup creates dual sets of outputs when creating new session from Venue FWx.
PTSW-157220     Clocking noise (ticking) on some channels of the MADI signal from the HD MADI I/O.
PTSW-157282     Destructive Punch not always clean at the punch point.
PTSW-163703     Punch errors will be seen if any system delay is present on a host based system.
PTSW-163979     MP3 Surround is always selected as default.
PTSW-164148     Spikes in automation are written on aux tracks when writing to next breakpoint or to end of session.
PTSW-140919     Inability to record some audio tracks with HDX (Windows only).
PTSW-143227     Ableton Live 8.22 shuts down when trying to open Advanced menu in Avid ASIO Control Panel
PTSW-151930     Delete Region Not Leaving Proper end Automation points
PTSW-140463     Additional I/O Peripheral is not detected in the Hardware Setup if connected to the port 1 on the second card (Win Only)
PTSW-149987     D-verb AAX optimized for CPU performance
PTSW-144961     D-Verb AAX does not pass audio at 88.2kHz sample rates and higer.
PTSW-154466     A extremely loud 50-100 ms burst of white noise can occur across all tracks when PT crashes.
PTSW-155795     A -9094 or -9128 error could occur when soloing tracks in specific sessions.
PTSW-155891     Improved session open time with heavy buss routing (Windows only).
PTSW-156827     PT crashes with "Alert "Bus error" in thread "MainThread", at address 0x0" after performing Cut Time operation.
PTSW-154865     Crash when opening and closing big sessions (Windows only).
PTSW-152323     While removing plug-ins, HDX error suppression and high CPU usage error dialogs could cause the audio signal to cease.
PTSW-157266     ReVibe II crashes Pro Tools
PTSW-156552     The option to maintain relative or absolute timecode is not available when setting the session start to hour 2, 7, 12, 17, or 22 in a drop frame session. Media is always moved in a relative fashion.
PTSW-156576     Pro tools crashes when changing DAE buffer size and using LE devices
PTSW-157556     Pro Tools crash when playback after changing H/W buffer size
PTSW-147207     ASIO Avid Driver doesn't work with HDX with OMNI
PTSW-157488     Pro Tools doesn't respond for roughly 5 minutes after clicking OK in the IO Setup dialog.
PTSW-157361     A clip that underlaps another clip should seperate rather then trim outwards if it's dragged away.
PTSW-156409     HEAT can provide a 'Not enough DSP resources or voices' error in a sessions with one mono track.
PTSW-158125     Purple MC77. The VU needle indicator doesn't move.
PTSW-156276     Performing a "Save Copy-In…" command to a legacy session format will cause a repeat of channels from interleaved files, as well as platform asserts.
PTSW-158272     Pro Tools will crash when dragging a clip with the Object Grabber.
PTSW-157363     Crossfades may disappear depending on how far one of the connected clips is dragged.
PTSW-158218     SWOD when adding a track or opening settings if there is EQ3 1-band inserted on a track.
PTSW-157561     Pro Tools crashes when unchecking "Ignore Errors" in Playback Engine settings if launched with "Ignore Errors" on.
PTSW-158413     PT crashes when creating a show from VENUE w/ 2 HDX cards.
PTSW-153474     Blue screen after un-installing Pro Tools and AVI collection
PTSW-156833     Pro Tools crashes after applying a Tempo change or Cut Time over a time range which has been "locked".
PTSW-157168     If clips are crossfaded together, and one of the clips is dragged out of range of the crossfade, the fades will be lost.
PTSW-158562     Clip Gain won't update in real time during playback. The volume changes only can be heard once the control is released.
PTSW-158262     PT could crashing while dragging plug-ins from the one insert to another.
PTSW-158258     Opening specific sessions on Host based system (Mbox2 Pro) or TDM leads to hang of PT.
PTSW-157748     Frequent 9092 errors are seen when starting playback on a windows Satellite Linked system.
PTSW-157857     "Not Responding" occurs when trying to Alt-instantiate sends after previously encountering a DSP Shuffle.
PTSW-158099     There is a lag in the reponsiveness of floating windows and dialogs when many AAX Native plug-ins are present in a session.
PTSW-157835     Automation is not compensated for if the bounce to disk source is an internal bus.
PTSW-157279     With HDX, cascading outputs on Windows takes longer than on Mac.
PTSW-157635     Windows could state "not-responding" when opening session with 768 tracks, plug-ins and full DSP usage.
PTSW-156729     ADC incorrectly manages delays and audio is phasing after a -9094 error is encountered.
PTSW-157859     Sends progress bar disappears after Alt-instantiating sends across max tracks. Pro Tools goes into a Not Responding mode for about 20-25 before showing the added sends.
PTSW-158940     Revibe II.aax DSP Plug-in can't be made active at all sample rates.
PTSW-158806     ADC doesn't compensate plug-ins delay if there is inactive mono to stereo plug-in and a Native plug-in chain on a mono track.
PTSW-158665      "Mute" button may not correspond to actual channel state.
PTSW-156970     A lower voice count in a multi-card system could cause Pro Tools to lock and play a few samples ahead of video reference.
PTSW-156933     In some cases, plug-ins that were saved in a session as DSP opens as a Native plug-in.
PTSW-158882     Pro Tools freezes when changing HW Buffer Size in 44.1k session (Windows only).
PTSW-159409     Session Will Not Save resulting in a "Not Enough Memory" error (Windows only).
PTSW-159299     One can't save session "low on memory -108 error".
PTSW-159442     Volume automation issues with HDX.
PTSW-158753     Muted track start passing audio (Windows only).
PTSW-158640     Pro Tools and/or system freeze after changing single/multiple track outputs or playback buffer size.
PTSW-159510     Soloing track will not always properly mute other tracks if they have mute automation applied.
PTSW-159059     D-Verb, ReverbOne, ReVibe: crash while previewing and/or rendering in AudioSuite plug-in on Mac or an Access violation on Windows.
PTSW-159628     Automation Preview Freezes In Loop Mode
PTSW-159576     Access violation when moving selection that includes click track area.
PTSW-158905     Pro Tools will hang on Windows when activating large track counts.
PTSW-158903     Pro Tools will SWOD indefinitely if tracks are made active and then inactive again with specific sessions.
PTSW-157861      Pro Tools could crash while cascading track outputs or while a DSP shuffling occurs.
PTSW-159993     Pro Tools will crash if an audio track is between an edit group and is part of a selection.
PTSW-159381     Pro Tools crashes after separating clips on grid and clicking on clips with the grabber tool.
PTSW-159684     HDX firmware update fails with a -1167 error on a Z400 machine.
PTSW-158864     System hang when running out of TDM timeslots.
PTSW-148599     Improve readability of parameter values of new AAX plug-In UI.
PTSW-159999     Stereo Audio tracks Pan can be broken after working with a large amount of clip-gain clips.
PTSW-160220     Pan automation stops working (even though the pan knobs are moving in the Mix window).
PTSW-156394     Changing track output assignments to "no output" can lead to changing batches of tracks' Send assignments being changed to INACTIVE, and/or a DSP shufflle.
PTSW-160233     Waveform is not recalculated after Destructive Punch recording
PTSW-160236     GUI waveform view issues after Destructive recording.
PTSW-159560     Very slow vertical redraws and zooming of audio files in sessions with large numbers of non-hidden tracks.
PTSW-158838     After long hours of work, Pro Tools can produce a loud and continuous digital noise on master outputs.
PTSW-157275     No output signal or meters after session has been sitting idle for 30+ minutes. (HDX only)
PTSW-158332     Pro Tools crashes and data loss occurs when recording using Quick Punch in Dynamic Transport Mode.
PTSW-160495     Pro Tools crashes immediately after launching.
PTSW-157958     Pro Tools doesn't generate LTC via the SYNC peripheral when used with an HD Native card.
PTSW-160636     EQ3 can write automation to the wrong parameter.
PTSW-161185     Windows 7 becomes unresponsive with dense plug-in automation with the SCI-FI AAX plug-in.
PTSW-161168     Pro Tools intermittently unable to save a session if there is a disabled DSP plug-in in the session.
PTSW-161187     Crash after re-opening a session if a DSP plug-in is instantiated and automation is enabled but inactive.
PTSW-159607     Plu-in default with the "auto-enable" preference does not work properly.
PTSW-161091     The clear track solo Indicator can intermittently encounter issues.  
PTSW-159683     Static and/or white noise can be heard intermittently with ReVibe II.
PTSW-159869     DAE -9502 error with Destructive Punch.
PTSW-161390     Two Native plug-ins on a Master fader could cause the LFE to be heard slightly early.
PTSW-159702     Some AAX VI plug-ins do not have MIDI Nodes.
PTSW-160586     Rare. Audio could be passed through muted tracks.
PTSW-161692     send automation issues resolved
PTSW-162237     ReVibe 2 automation: Room Type could change when switching from Native to DSP versions of the plug-in.
PTSW-159349     Channel Strip's Q, Gain & Frequency controls seem too course on contro surfaces.
PTSW-161941     Rare burst of noise from output of Revibe 2 plug-in when changing Size parameter while in playback.
PTSW-160242     Pro Tools could crash if using "Half-Speed" playback mode in sessiosn with EA tracks.
PTSW-158737     DAE -9073 errors could occur with the entire timeline filled in disk cache.
PTSW-159922     Destructive Punch on HD system. On a bounded selection, punch out section crossfade is cut off.
PTSW-157039     Session open could take an additional 25 seconds if a Sync HD is attached.
PTSW-163097     Interleaved files: Strip Silence could use only the left channel when detecting silence.
PTSW-160052     Crash when adding sends to a session (when system resources are close to being maxed out).
PTSW-162792     Making track outputs inactive will cause some of the sends across other tracks to also become inactive.
PTSW-158467     Crash occurs when running out of DSP (when alt-instantiating the 10th row of Sends across a max tracks session).
PTSW-161373     Access Violation - Importing Session Data with specific sessions.
PTSW-161079     Avid Plug-in Updater doesn't update the Moogerfooger plug-in.
PTSW-162937     Pro Tools could crash when de-activating tracks with host plug-ins if Eucon is enabled.
PTSW-163244     If a "Save copy in…" is performed and the sample rate is changed, the current session will have its automation offset.
PTSW-162846     Access Violation (Win) and crash (Mac) after removing plug-ins with automation if an automation lane is displayed.
PTSW-159990     Importing an audio CD on Win 7 causes runtime error and Pro Tools could become unresponsive.
PTSW-162598     Native Channel Strip plug-in could cause high CPU usage when printed audio is passed through (Mac only).
PTSW-163180     Access violation and Pro Tools crashes when recording with Quick Punch mode, Pre Roll and Dynamic Transport enabled.
PTSW-163326     Audio stuttering while changing Clip Gain Line
PTSW-162045     Bounce To Disk crash with certain sessions.
PTSW-161359     Destructive Punch could resuls in a DAE error 22 or 35.
PTSW-163468     Audio could be removed from the timeline after Destructive recorded or punch using Unity ISIS.
PTSW-163671     Record arming tracks could cause a runtime error.
PTSW-163573     Pro Tools will lag with DestructivePunch using the track arm buttons across a significant number of tracks.
PTSW-163664     Sessions could re-opening with incorrect Multi-Mono plug-in assignments.
PTSW-163235     Crash when making outputs Inactive after maxing DSP and timeslot resources.
PTSW-163689     Editing MIDI after a region edit in sample mode could delete MIDI.
PTSW-163726     Signal could stop passing across outputs after option-instantiating DSP plug-ins.
PTSW-163759     Possible 66 samples noise at the end of record pass.
PTSW-163923     Waveform of a crossfade on a duplicated Rendered EA track could be inaccurate.
PTSW-163929     The transport will move between delay states when punching in and out from the transport if host plug-ins exist on the record enabled tracks. (HDX or TDM)
PTSW-163767     Waveform overviews do not correctly calculate at further zoom levels after a destructive record or punch.
PTSW-163983     "Cut pan automation" command if there is no pan automation could cause an assertion and/or crash.
PTSW-163998     If host plug-in delay is incurred on a record enabled track, playback of the audio on the track will be late by the amount of delay. (HDX)
PTSW-157961     Pro Tools is not deleting preferences with a clean uninstall. Windows.
PTSW-164313     When writing mutes to the next breakpoint, a breakpoint that's one sample before the "next" breakpoint will be written in the wrong direction.
PTSW-143060     Assertion error could occur when changing Sample Rate from 176.4 to 88.2 Khz in Sonar X1 Producer 32bit with HDX and HD I/O.
PTSW-145780     Audio is not heard through Media Composer with HDX on Windows when the IO is plugged into port 2 of the HDX card.
PTSW-148789     6101 then 9128 error on all buffer sizes when playback audio with D-Verb AAX plug-in inserted at 192kHz with an Mbox 3 Pro.
PTSW-149862     Channel Strip: Fine Mode does not work when adjusting controls in DYNAMICS or EQ/FILTERS sections.
PTSW-153004     EQ3 1-band HDX DSP: low-pass/hi-pass modes are non-functional.
PTSW-148148     It is possible to adjust the clip gain of an edit locked clip
PTSW-154694     ReVibe II: Audiosuite is not available at 176/192k
PTSW-144341     AAX Native version of D-verb needs more performance compared to the DPM RTAS version.
PTSW-152266     D-Verb AAX DSP, some room sounds are noisy with a sample rate of 96kHz.
PTSW-155196     AudioSuite plug-ins incorrectly render multiple selected clips in "Clip By Clip" mode.
PTSW-150195     Long shuffles can occur in DSP-intensive sessions. Shuffling also seems to slow down as the progress bar progresses.
PTSW-155663     D-Verb: HALL & CHURCH Algorithms are noisy when using in multi-mono mode on LCR and greater tracks (88.2/96kHz, DSP only).
PTSW-155602     "Convert Volume Automation to Clip Gain" does not work on looped Clip Groups
PTSW-154931     Cut time 'Tempo ruler only' causes crash if there are no tracks in the session.
PTSW-156295     Assertion when adjusting clip gain of a clip group with video.
PTSW-154601     Undoing an import session data after matching tracks will cause a crash if the target track contains clips with clip gain.
PTSW-155552     Mouse cursor does not switch back to arrow when using scrubber with Maxim, Channel Strip, Dither, POW-r Dither and Time Adjuster
PTSW-154684     Unmuting a track is more latent on HDX than it is on TDM or Native systems.
PTSW-156271     AudioSuite Maxim PI generates up to 1,023 samples of silence at the beginning of processed audio file
PTSW-144997     Pro Tools HDX could mute output when moving a plug-in while playing back.
PTSW-147316     Pro Tools does not route ouput signal to the I/O when one switches to an invalid clock sources and back.
PTSW-155683     Crash when trimming time compressed clip group with the scrub trim tool.
PTSW-156347     Pro Tools will crash when importing particular REX files as a Clip Group.
PTSW-155973     ReVibe 2: "Chorus Guitar Chamber" preset has artifacts due to Spread control.
PTSW-157092     Reverb One "Compare" button is highlighted on some presets when cycling through presets by "-/+" buttons.
PTSW-156811     Power Dither. Compatibility settings is broken between dpm and aax plug-ins.
PTSW-156802     Drag & Drop of multiple file types from Project Browser into session leads to assertion error.
PTSW-153275     ICON. Mapping in Learn mode: plug-in won't be focused in channel focus section after clicking on the plug-in learn button if there is no track focused on Main unit and the ApTrgt preference in soft keys is set to 'no'.
PTSW-152861     Opening a Mod Delay III Audiosuite plug-in with a stereo/multichannel playlist selected results in the Compare light lit blue.
PTSW-157522     Clip gain automation does not play back correctly on trimmed rendered EA clips.
PTSW-155316     Clip Gain rendering of a Clip Group affects other instances of audio file elsewhere in a session.
PTSW-157606     Pro Tools could crash if disconnecting the host serial cable from the SYNC HD.
PTSW-155293     SWODs can occur from 15 seconds to upwards of 2 minutes when attempting playback of a large session (45 GB) while Disk Cache is filling.
PTSW-156286     GUI elements fill window in some 3P AAX plug-ins GUIs on Windows.
PTSW-155398     Dubber out of sync when Administrator or Satellite starts before the Session Start of another system.
PTSW-157002     Drawing of track or send mute automation within a track group will result in shifting of automation points on all tracks
PTSW-155829     Slight noise occurs when adjusting Time and Diffusion parameters while in playback with DSP Revibe 2 Plug-in (96 Khz)
PTSW-155779     -9128 occurs while increasing number of plug-ins inserted in Audio track (hard automation exists)
PTSW-149130     Purple Audio MC77.The incorrect settings folder name.
PTSW-149121     HDX Windows: Opened a session and inputs were inactive and didn't become active until closing and reopening the session.
PTSW-156530     CPU usage with 768 voice engine and 128 sample HW buffer is appx 61% with no audio tracks or plugins instantiated.
PTSW-158127     Track automation is ignored if the associated group and VCA are disabled.
PTSW-151490     Firmware Update Fails on HP Z400 When HDX is in PCIe Slot 3
PTSW-141624     DITHER: DSP Instance counts are much lower in Encore than in Concert (48k only)