17 Settembre 2009 - ore 20:00

Grazie alla partnership tra Percorsi Audio, Think Digital e Moody Mammoth (Brooklyn, NY),  il 17 Settembre 2009, alle ore 20, in diretta in contemporanea da più parti del mondo: Performing Arts in streaming su internet.
Percorsi Audio ospiterà nella ICON Room un DJ di New York e un DJ italiano, in diretta, sulla loro musica, si esibiranno ballerini da New York e grafici da Berlino. Regia a New York.
Per la prima volta, anche l'Italia entra a far parte della GroundControlInitiative
Connettetevi il 17 Settembre 2009 alle ore 20 (ora Italiana) al sito:
potrete assistere in contemporanea alle perfomaces di:
DJ set Ableton based: Stefano Zazzera (from NY) e Manuel Dionisi in diretta da Percorsi Audio (Acquapendente, Italia),
Dance performances da Manhattan, NY
Visual performance da Berlino, Germania
Web Master & Sound Master: Moody Mammoth, Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Stefano Zazzera, Bora Yoon, Adam Matta - Live Jazz @ Lincoln Center, Manhattan NY
Photo: Stefano Zazzera, Bora Yoon, Adam Matta - Live Jazz @ Lincoln Center, Manhattan NY 
Chi è Stefano Zazzera:
Composer for Cedar Lake Dance where he produced music for: Glassy essence, 3 Thursdays, Hammer, Skomposto for a dream, Seeds and Vaastav in collaboration with C. Lovrin and S. Bosnjiak.
Studio credits are: Tusk 1 his debut album In collaboration with R. Macrini and K. McWha Steel, They say fala by Fiama (Producer), Playing with fire by Wallace (Producer), East West by Panonian Wave (Producer), Ode to G by Undertows (Producer and programmer).
Djing all over NYC and abroad from the Lower East Side and Brooklyn scene to the recent Italian and American tour with Marco Messina (99 Posse) and Costanza (Tricky).
Recent sound designs and additional compositions include: Semipermanent by R. GRADONE (Fringe Award), Night by P. GERSON, Bottled in G and Premature Krimes for J. LANCASTER, Test test test, this is Andy Warhol with K. PETERKIN, Momentary play by J. GATES, The time keepers and Pentecost by THE BARROW GROUP.
Stefano has been working as sound engineer for ZEROKILLEDMUSIC Costanza Tour, Hector Del Curto’s ETERNALTANGO Orchestra, Pablo Aslan’s AVANTANGO and on several productions at the LINCOLN CENTER INSTITUTE, including the Alvin Ailey, Paul Taylor, Ping Chong and Aquila Theater companies.
He runs Moody Mammoth Studio an alternative music production base and In 2007 he opened his own music label MOODYMAMMOTHMUSIC. 

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